Why should not use steroids? This question comes in your mind when you see the benefits of steroids.  The steroid is a performance-enhancing drug used by professional players of baseball but Why should not use steroids? In the news, we can hear again about the use and abuse of steroids. Now a question happens to arise that why we use steroid? Its answer is in an order to get bigger biceps, triceps, and pecs. If you are looking to gain more muscle mass you must have to work hard in the gym and eat healthily.  For more muscle growth you have to take the protein shake and nutrient-rich food but you thought of it as a slow process to build your body. You need an easy method to build up your body that may help you to go a little bit further. Then you hear about a shortcut and you found it as an ultimate solution and that shortcut is steroids. More and more men are going to use it but this is not a safe method to gain lean muscles. Mostly adults are using steroids today but don’t they know Why should not use steroids.

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You should not use steroids because it may cause many health problems and are harmful to your body and health. These are unsafe as you are going to see, in addition to, it will make muscle-building harder if you will not use them for long-term.

Why you should not use steroids for muscles growth:

Here is an answer why should not use steroids. Try other methods for the growth of your lean muscle mass.


As the liver is responsible for the primary detoxification of your body, it is called the primary detoxification agent.

For a healthy body, its liver should be active to do its role. Here I can tell you why should not use steroids, just for the sake of your liver health. By using steroids, your body will face strain on the liver. Also, liver tumors are caused. So please don’t use steroids.

They cause hormone imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance can also be caused by steroids, especially in teens. Boys will face some serious problems like reduced sperm count

shrunken testicles, and breasts. Girls will become more masculine, with reduced breasts, deeper voice, and excessive body hair. Just because of steroids gender mix-up issues raised.

They Really Can Make You Crazy:

Taking steroid is dangerous for you psychic and you can face feelings of aggression, take it seriously.

An aggressive attitude is not good for anyone, your mind will be out of control and you will change your existence by becoming a new person. Steroid users face higher psychotic and full affective symptoms, so be polite and never use steroids.

Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death:

I think psychotic symptoms are enough for you to put off the use of steroids,

but if you didn’t take it seriously once more discovery here, which sudden death is. Sudden death can happen if you are a user of steroids, which many people don’t understand. Because of brighter sight, they completely avoid the health issues associated with the use of steroids.

They are illegal:

Anabolic steroids are restricted drugs and the controlled substance to use. They can only be sold by a pharmacist if a doctor prescribes it.

If you use any shortcut to get steroids, you might go to jail up to five years. Be a responsible citizen and discourage yourself to stop the use of steroids.

Additional Issues to Know:

There are some more harmful effects of steroids like decreased immune system, heart disease, strokes and viral infections. Many steroid users suffer from joint pain during and after the use of steroids. If you have safe and effective alternatives, then there is no need to use steroids as its risks are more than the benefits.

After reading about the harms of steroids, I think you will keep yourself away from the steroids because you got the idea about why should not use steroids.

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