Termites, likewise called “quiet destroyer”, are a sort of bug which comprising of 2,500 species and of which 300 are considered as vermin. Termites are a standout amongst the most harming bugs in the tropics and can bring about significant issues in farming, ranger service and lodging.

There are a couple of families and sub-families. Some form settles underground, others in wood, for example, empty trees and some form hills.

Before pondering the termites control – pest control singapore an essential distinguishing proof of the species or family is required. This should be possible by watching vermin conduct and the harm design they exited on the tree or harvest.

The most harming sort of termites in agribusiness is the organism developing termites. They feast upon dead natural material, for example, trim deposits, mulches and soil natural matter. Be that as it may, when this sort of sustenance is not accessible, they will eat live plant including yields, for example, groundnuts, millets and maize.

Reaper termites are found in dry and semi-forsake zones. They manufacture underground homes which can be hard to discover. They feast upon live green plant and make harm living grasses, yields and seedlings. They will assault feeble plants that are shrinking or harmed.

Compound Control

Perhaps you will astound that the termite is the single bug that causes the most harm in Singapore. In any case, it is truly valid. What’s more, for the most part, we frequently utilized synthetic pesticides as the strategy for termites control throughout the years. Notwithstanding, chemicals are costly and have numerous destructive impacts

Security for individuals.

Manufactured pesticides can rapidly discover their way into natural ways of life and water courses and that will be risky for human wellbeing. There is likewise much worry for individuals utilizing substance pesticides. The items might be abused in light of the fact that the guidelines are not composed in the dialect comprehended by the individual utilizing them. This has prompted numerous mishaps and passings

Wellbeing for the earth

There are various hurtful impacts that compound pesticides may convey to our condition.

Fake pesticide can murder useful creepy crawlies. Only one splash can disturb the harmony amongst vermin and the useful creepy crawlies which eat them.

Counterfeit chemicals can remain in the earth and the groups of creatures which will bring about issues for a long time

Bugs will wind up noticeably impervious to pesticide, then more effective chemicals are required.


Utilizing characteristic nuisance and illness control as strategies for termites control is regularly less expensive than applying concoction pesticides on the grounds that the items and materials are as of now in the home and around the homestead.