It is absolutely difficult to make samosa without oil. Be that as it may, the Phillips air fryer makes it genuine. In the event that you attempt this sound Indian singed formula noticeable all around fryer, you will like it clearly.

Formulas: Spinach Samosa with Air Fryer

To get ready batter take refined flour in a bowl and include cooking pop, ajwain and salt with flour. Blend every one of the fixings exceptionally well. Include 1 tbs oil and spinach puree in this blend manipulate the mixture exceptionally well until the point when it winds up noticeably smooth. At that point for 15 to 20 minutes keep it in fridge.

For cooking the stuffing of samosa take a dish and give 1 tbs oil in it. Put peas and potato in the dish and cook for couple of minutes. Include all flavors, what is an air fryer hacked coriander leaves and sesame seeds and blend it.

Again manipulate the flour batter easily and make rise to estimated little balls and level out the balls with the moving pin. Cut it as creamer. At the edge of the flour sheet and give a cone shape. Top off the cone of the flour sheet with pre-cooked stuffing.

At that point close the edge of the flour sheet firmly with the goal that it can’t be extricate.

Preheat the air fryer at 200 degrees Celsius and put this samosa in the wicker bin of air fryer and set the clock for 8 to 10 minutes, likewise set remain by time more 2 minutes.

At that point serve the hot samosa with sauce.