Music is one of the most essential parts of a wedding. Can you even imagine a wedding that is silent except for the incessant chatter of guests? Music can create the perfect ambiance for the wedding band bristol and suit the tastes of the bride and groom. A sober couple would probably like soft soul music classics while a trendy fun loving couple might want heavier beats. So, while music is essential, it all comes down to one aspect – should you choose a wedding band, or should you hire a DJ? Here is a brief discussion.

DJ or a band?

The choice depends on a lot of things. If you are hard pressed for money, DJs are a good idea because they are cheaper than wedding bands. The second advantage of hiring a DJ is that you get to listen to tracks sung by real singers rather than imitations that a band offers. Thirdly, since a DJ has thousands of songs available at the tip of his fingers, he can belt out better medleys and mixes. The other advantages of hiring a DJ include louder sound volume, longer performances and space saving at the wedding or reception venue.

Despite all the benefits of hiring a DJ, a band stands on its own strong grounds. There is something electrifying when a live band performs. Your guests are more engaged and enjoy more when a live band plays. Although digital music has the stamina, it does not have the personal connect that a live band can create. If you do not want to give up the rocking ambiance created by a live singing group, you should hire a band. Besides, the level of interaction between a band and audience is much greater than the interaction between DJs and audience.

You would also want to consider the “X” factor that bands create. You cannot deny that a band is cool. So, hiring one reflects on your good classy tastes.

Choosing a band

So, if you want to choose a band, what are the major considerations to keep in mind? Actually, choosing a band is easy if you know what kind of music you want. Bands are specialists in certain kinds of music. For example, you have specialist soul singers, rock bands and classical music bands. When you are sure about the kind of music you want, you can instantly narrow down your list.

Secondly, decide the size of the band based on the space available at the venue. You might also want to contact the management of the wedding venue to confirm about restrictions on band size.

The third factor to consider is the duration of performance. Bands need to have a lot of stamina to perform all night. When you meet music bands before hiring, tell them about the duration through which you want them to play. Some of them back out depending on the duration. Also, ask friends and family who have hired bands for previous celebrations.

Finally, remember to book a band well ahead of time because the good ones are booked months in advance. Also, discuss all matters regarding payments well ahead of your wedding.