Alan Myles is a man on a mission. Living in the Cairngorms with his young family, Alan works with schools at Alltnacriche and is likewise the Regional Worker for a region that extends from the Outer Hebrides the nation over towards Banff close Aberdeen.

On Friday fourth March he will be setting off on his central goal – a cycle ride going to all the terrain optional schools in his fix. Toward the finish of his four day, 320 mile travel, he will have accelerated the stature of Everest, gone across the nation to drift and mostly back once more, and taken the most backhanded course from Mallaig to Fort William you can envision.

We had a visit concerning why…

Alan, clearly you hold the honor for having the longest employment title in SU Scotland, what precisely is it?

For accuracy’s purpose, it is Schools Program Coordinator (Alltnacriche) and Regional Worker for Moray, South Highlands and Islands.

All in all, quickly, what does that mean?

Planning to be briefer than the occupation title itself, it implies I liaise with all school bunches utilizing the Alltnacriche focus through the Classroom Outdoors program to guarantee the trek satisfies their necessities.

The second piece of the employment title references the work that I do supporting volunteers, holy places and schools inside the expressed locale. While “supporting” takes many structures, setting up and afterward bolster the running of SU bunches in schools is a key piece of the part.