We are pleased to present the New Deus Denim program. An exhaustive offer of styles, fits and washes utilizing quality denim textures made by the best producers to flawlessly speak to and fit the Deus lifestyle.

Jim Thompson, head architect here at Deus, is referred to all through the business as a denim devotee, with more than 20 years in the matter of making and wearing denim, Denim is Jim’s religion – his insight is connected to each combine of Deus pants. jeans buttons and rivets manufacturers We sat him down for a speedy Q and A to find more about the man behind the strings and how he came to make our most energizing denim extend yet.

Inform us regarding your long relationship with denim?

I’ve been in industry now for more than 20 years. I’ve outlined and created and worn a considerable measure of denim pants in that time and I never become weary of doing as such. An awesome match of pants is the most vital thing of apparel you can possess and I must deliver the most ideal one.

Denim pants are a notable style that are functional and hardwearing and worn by everybody paying little respect to culture, social standing or riches. Your pants turn out to be a piece of your identity and how you carry on with your life. The way that they are worked to last and the characteristic indigo color blurs after some time implies that every jean has its own character remarkable to the wearer.

What was the motivation for the Deus denim extend?

I needed to catch the heart of the Deus culture in the program. We are extraordinarily glad that we really assemble custom cruisers, shape surfboards, put on extraordinary occasions and rivalries and exhibit the majority of this at our one of a kind leader retail locations. Legitimacy, respectability and enthusiasm are at the center of all that we do and the denim range is no exemption. In present day culture denim has been inherently connected with bikes and in this way is the ideal fit. In building the offer I referenced the legacy of denim pants, keeping the styling conventional and exemplary yet refreshing with current fits and points of interest. Similarly as custom building our cruisers.