The market is overstuffed with the pills for man’s sexual performance enhancement. And it is very difficult for common man especially when he is beginner and is trying to buy a efficient product either on the internet or in real market.  He faces many difficulties in the choosing the right one. Many of the times what happen to him is that he gets stuck in between two products and it becomes very difficult for him to choose the right one.

The most famous products in the market now a days are MALE EXTRA Reviews For Men performance enhancer for man and VIGRX PLUS. The beginners face trouble in deciding in between both of these products. As these two are very competent rivals and are claiming almost the same results.

Being neutral analyst,  we will tell you that how one product have edge over the other and why should you choose that product?

You will be able to decide between these products easily.


In this comparison we will see the following aspects of both the product:

  • Working of the product in real life.
  • Success in the clinical tests.
  • Is the claim of presence of natural ingredients in the products is true?
  • Guarantee of the products.


This is the very first and the most important question arises in the mind of a beginner that does the product actually works in real life?

Male Extra contains the natural ingredients and it works really good for you in real life. Its regular use gives you the improvement in size of your organ by 2-3 inches. While the Vigrx plus claims 3-5 inches.

 The reason behind the difference of these claims is that Male Extra has laid more emphasis on the use of natural ingredients in it manufacturing and neglected the use of steroids in it. Male Extra is there to fulfill the deficiencies of all those natural ingredients in your bodies which you neglect taking in daily routines. On the other hand Vigrx Plus has an amount of steroids in it and you can face serious health issues if you have showed a bit carelessness in its use.


Both the products are clinically tested but Vigrx Plus is not approved by the FDA, while Male Extra is approved by FDA and is completely a safe product to use.


There comes the difference between both of the products. Both of the products claims that they are made by using the natural ingredients but up to what extent they are true?

Vigrx Plus claims that it is composed of natural herbs but on the other hand claims 3-5 inches increase in your organ size. Like really? Which natural herb gives you such extensive increase in your organ size specifically. Lets suppose it does so, then what is the guarantee that it would not increase your fats and will not give you extra weight gain.

While the Male Extra claims that it is made up of all natural ingredients and it will give you these changes slightly.


When we have a look on the prices of both the products we see that, if you order Male Extra one year package it will cost you 38.24$ a bottle. While Vigrx Plus will cost 40.83$ a bottle. Perhaps both the products does not have a huge difference of pricing but in annual package Male Extra saves your 21.12$. So the Male Extra is money saving and more safer product.


Both the products gives money back guarantee. You can claim the guarantee of Male Extra in 90 days, while that of Vigrx Plus in 67 days.


After reading this comparison you will be able to figure that out which is the better option between these two products. In my opinion Male Extra is the better option and I would have preferred it. Because it is totally a natural medicine, clinically tested, approved by FDA and most importantly it is lesser in price, better in performance, safer to use and most off all it gives you more guarantee time to feel improvements in yourselves comfortably.